Thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks and the holiday schedules will start to fill up with parties and dinners. Along with the consumption of extra calories during the holidays, you can expect to pack on a few extra pounds.

Accordingly to the latest studies on weight gain, Americans accumulate an average 1.3 extra pounds during the holiday season between December and January. Researchers also found that weight gain can be higher in more obese individuals.

In order to defeat unwanted weight gain, Eric Cooper Fitness has designed a pre-holiday workout to help burn those extra calories  before they invade your body. The first section of the program focuses on core training, which targets the abdominal, obliques, and lower back. The second section works on aerobic conditioning, which targets the cardio-vascular system and burns fat. The third section of the program focuses on muscle training, and helps tone and strengthen the muscle-skeletal systems. The fourth section is dedicated to stretching, which helps release tight and sore muscles and improve flexibility.

Exercises from the Eric Cooper Fitness Pre-Holiday Workout will post to this blog through New Years Day. Try incorporating these exercises into your daily schedule, and remember to study the step-by-step instructions and demo photos before attempting each exercise. Good luck!!!


Abdominal Curls– Start with hands behind head. Back and feet flat against surface. Keep legs bent and shoulder width apart.

Raise upper back keeping chin square to chest while pressing lower back into floor. Complete 20 to 40 repetitions. Repeat 2-4 sets Plank– Facing the surface, rest on bent arms and toes while aligning the back and pelvis straight with knees locked, head aligned with shoulders, and abdominals tight. Hold position to exhaustion. Repeat 1-2 sets.Leg Pullbacks-Lie flat on surface with legs elevated straight above pelvis. Extend arms next to body for support keeping head down. Pull legs back several inches while tightening the abdominals. Complete 20-40 repetitions. Repeat 1-2 sets

Side Oblique Bridge– Start with body in lateral plank position while maintaining straight torso with top leg stacked over bottom leg . Rest on bottom arm bent directly under torso and top arm rested on hip. Start with lower hip on surface.

Raise hip off surface and hold elevated position for 2 seconds before returning back to start. Repeat 20-40 repetitions. Complete 1-2 sets.