Soniya’s fresh garden salad


Autumn is here, and there is no better way to take advantage of L.A.’s cooler weather than to enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch out on the terrace.

Soniya Perl, member of Eric Cooper Fitness and owner of Serena d’Italia Lamps in Los Angeles, takes time out from her busy schedule to do just that. “My schedule day-to-day varies, but usually I’m swamped with business, car-pooling my 3 kids, and fitting in exercise. I don’t have time to dine out for lunch, so I’ll make it at home. I enjoy salads because they are easy and quick to make. The nice thing about living in Los Angeles is that we are surrounded by so many local farms. This makes it easy to find an abundance of quality produce in our markets,” says Soniya.

Soniya takes a break to savor her beautiful garden


Soniya enjoys cooking and creating new recipes for her family. One of the family’s favorites is, Soniya’s Fresh Garden Salad. In this recipe she uses a fusion of organic vegetables consisting of; spring mix greens ( baby spinach, green oak, Lola rossa, baby kale, red romaine, radicchio), Persian cucumbers, red bell peppers, orange bell peppers and Roma tomatoes. The salad is lightly dressed with extra virgin olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice. For seasonings, she uses light sea salt and black pepper. She recommends this zesty colorful and crunchy dish for lunch or dinner.

Next time that you decide to prepare a light healthy and delicious meal, try Soniya’s Fresh Garden Salad.


Soniya’s Fresh Garden Salad

1 pkg (5oz) Organic spring mix greens

1 Medium Organic Persian cucumber

3 Mini red and orange bell peppers

2 Roma tomatoes

2 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

1 Large lemon

Sea salt

Black pepper


Chop vegetables into bite size pieces. Mix all ingredients in large bowl. Drizzle extra virgin oil and squeeze lemon juice over mixture. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Serve in large bowl.  Serves 2  About 230 calories/serving


Photos courtesy: S Perl