Within this week, the tag-line,  “Take the challenge, C’mon! We challenge you!”, has consistently graced the pages of Eric Cooper Fitness official website and  social media pages. Each day has revealed subsequent posts delivering ambiguous messages and information about the challenge all while promoting  the challenge tagline.

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020,  the suspense will come to an end with the kick-off and video premiere of the ECF Strength and Endurance Challenge on the website. The ECF social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, will also share up-to-date information and challenge results through September 30th) The final results will be posted on ECF’s website and the official Eric Cooper Fitness blog.   

The fitness challenge will consist of 8 distinct exercises targeting core strength, muscle strength, endurance, balance and agility. Functional training have been the foundation of ECF’s LA based training service since it’s inception in 1997. During Eric’s 26 years of working as a certified fitness, he’s adapted the components of functional training (coordination, stabilization, endurance, mobilization and power) into his training programs.

Last year he developed the ECF Strength and Endurance Challenge to test his clients functional skills, and to push  them to achieve optimal levels of fitness. According to Eric, “functional fitness consists of  life-long skills that must be incorporated into daily tasks. The challenge can be used as a staple fitness program to help improve the body’s efficiency in each component of functionality.”

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, release of stay-at-home mandates and temporary closure of non-essential businesses, Eric was forced to begin conducting  virtual training of his clients on-line. This included the quarterly strength and endurance challenge tests held in March. He was pleasantly surprised by the successful outcome of both, training and testing. The enthusiasm and support of his clients also led him to consider taking the challenge to a new level.

Realizing the effectiveness of the virtual testing, Eric decided to take his challenge to the national level. In July, he began gathering live video footage from previous client sessions and promotional pieces to be used for the challenge’s campaign video.

The ECF Strength and Endurance Challenge Video features a 205 second clip of Eric introducing the challenge. He also performs each exercise individually to be used as a reference for the participants. The video also reveals ECF’s top ranking performers, each in an individual cameo appearance promoting the challenge tagline, “C’mon, I challenge you!” The video concludes with a call-out to visit the Eric Cooper Fitness website to take the challenge.

The website has been temporarily designed to feature the challenge video and 4 log-in buttons that seamlessly navigate the challenge participant through the rules, sign-up process, challenge review, and challenge submissions. The website also includes the three challenge levels:  standard, classic, and super (elite level). The exercise goals are posted with each level.

The classic challenge includes the current performance records achieved by ECF’s top performers in both men’s and women’s challenges. All participants will be challenged to surpass these goals (see ECF blog for goals) in order to qualify into the 1st place ranking of the classic level.

Participants exceeding either timed challenges by one minute or counted repetitions by 20, will enter into the super (elite) challenge. This challenge level will be awarded separately from the classic challenge.

As an incentive to those wanting to compete, but unwilling to take the classic or super levels, the standard level allows them the option of competing against the lower goals set for ECF’s quarterly client testing. No awards will be granted for this challenge level.

There will be one male and female 1st place title holder for  each exercise challenge. All title holders will win a stylish t-shirt from the ECF’s Men’s activewear line, ULAMENS.COM. They will also receive a personalized ECF Strength and Endurance Challenge certificate including their name and the title won.

Final challenge submissions must be posted to the website no later than September 30, 2020. All final challenge results will be posted by October 9, 2020 on the ECF websiete and ECF social media pages


Featured Photo courtesy of ECF 

EFC Top Performers (L-R ) Ariela Pier(2), David Greenbaum(3), Dr. Ralph Massey(4), Dave Hodess(5), Kris Hodess(6), Mary Conlin(9)

ECF Owner/Certified Fitness Trainer Eric Cooper(6)

ECF/ULA Fitness Models Emmanuel McCord (1), Johnathan Johnson(8)