AGILITY 3 Drill Video

In the last post we covered abdominal training.This second post of the ECF Pre-Holiday Workout Program will cover cardio conditioning.

The cardio-vascular system is a very important part of the human body because it is responsible for sustaining life through the circulation of a very important natural element that we breath called ‘oxygen.’

This substance has a multitude of benefits including the production of energy that is mandatory for the functions of our musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary systems.

In order for the body to sustain any form of rigorous exercise, an ample supply of oxygen must be available. Exercises that reply on a higher amount of oxygen to support the output of work performed is considered to be cardio in nature. Cardio conditioning forces the body to metabolize fats and glucose stored in the blood for energy which is used by the cells of the working muscles. Cardio conditioning is important because it is the main form of exercises that is responsible for burning the extra calories that is consumed during the holiday season.

Use the following AGILITY 3 Drill exercise to help burn calories and strengthening your cardiovascular system.



Step 1 Jumping Jacks– Start with legs together and arms to sides.

Step 2 -Jump out to shoulder width stance while raises arms laterally

in-line with shoulders. Jump back back to start. Completes 50-100 reps.

Repeat 2 sets.

Step 1- High Knee Ups– Begin with arms bent at sides and legs

together. Keep back straight and abs tight.

Simulate jogging in place alternating knees ups

in-line with hip line.

Step 2– Pump the arms at sides opposite

to the legs. Complete 1 minute. Repeat 2 sets.

Step 1 -Cross Country– Jump in place while pushing and pulling

the arm and legs on the same side in opposite directions.

Step 2 Alternate sides keeping the back straight, abs tight and knees

slightly bent. Complete 1 minute. Repeat 2 sets.